Do you donate books?


- We can donate books for you, but if you have large quantities you will need to call the store for more information.


If I bought the book from you, does that mean you will take it back?


- Most likely, but not always. One major thing that we look at for both trade and cash is inventory, which means if we already have a copy we probably won't take another unless it is a very popular author.


Do you take your sale books back?


- No.


Do you have gift certificates?


- Yes, we do. They never expire and make wonderful gifts!


Do you do appraise books?


- Not really. We can look up the book online or tell you what we would offer for it, but we don't really appraise books.


Do you take old books?


- Sometimes. Our niche is newer books, but we have a collectible section that we take older books for. If we need them we will take them, but they have to be in good condition.


Can you tell me if you would take something or provide a quote over the phone?


- No. Our inventory changes by the hour, so it is hard to determine over the phone what we would be able to take. We also have to see a book in person before guaranteeing that we will take it. For these reasons, we cannot determine what we would take or provide a quote over the phone.


Do I have to stay with the books while you go through them?


- Yes, for insurance reasons we need you to stay with your books. A regular sized box only takes us about five to ten minutes if there is no line.


Do you take credit cards?


- Yes, all except for American Express. However, we do not accept checks.


Can you reserve a book for me?


- Yes, if we have had it before, we can reserve it for you. If we have not had it before, we have to wait until we get a copy so we have something to attach your name to. Otherwise, we can definitely reserve books for you.


Do you have magazines, music, DvDs or games?


- No, we only have books. However, we do have audio books!